Identity Design

Identity Design for Typesetting, an archival project of publicly sourced images of found typography in the Leeds area. Uploaded images form an archive used as both research material to aid the development of an open source typeface used to create the identity of ongoing type-based projects.

Inspiration for the identity came from researching traditional printing, using a classic wood-block typeface to set the logotype in, paired with Monotype Grotesque – an updated version of Berthold’s Ideal Grotesque by F.H. Pierpont in 1926, a period where Leeds’ sign-writing was at it’s peak. Further to this, the site’s black background is taken from an CMYK printing black rather than a web RGB to further associate with the printed examples of archival type the site features.


A Colours May Vary project, built by Hungry Sandwich Club. Supported by Leeds Inspired.